Daily Archives: May 12, 2012

Remember the saying… “as stubborn as a …”?

Bolivia continues to face strikes, blockades and this behavior is chaotic, anarchic and damaging to our economy and daily lives; an excerpt follows of what was published by Pagina Siete:

President Evo Morales insisted Thursday the construction of the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos road that will cross by the TIPNIS; and that professionals and health workers to take an eight-hour workday.

Morales defended his stance in an informal meeting with a group of journalists in the ‘Palacio Quemado’ in the celebration of the day of the journalist in Bolivia. He also clarified that the strike of the public transport of the last Monday and Tuesday did not alter his work at Palacio Quemado because he began to work from four in the morning until midnight.

“A that time you don’t feel the blockade”, he commented. About the road through the reserve of the TIPNIS (Isiboro Sécure National Park and indigenous territory), said that there is a mandate to fulfill [the ‘prior consultation’ which at this time is untimely]. The mandatary commented on the prolonged strike in the health sector, and expressed that he agrees with an eight-hour workday.


Current president, despite former failures and political defeats continues to be pushy, it would seem as he is either arrogant or stubborn, he does not listen to people… nor the violent actions that tend to escalate… as illustrated in the following article from El Deber’s website:

After mid day, the March of the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) reached El Prado in the city of La Paz, to call for the adoption of a list of demands to the Government. The bulk of it was at the height of the miners Federation, while a group of University students went to where the soldiers [police] were.

After approaching the Ministry building, police were on alert against possible attacks by protesters. After a few minutes, stones, sticks and balloons with paint began to be thrown by the University [students], which caused the reaction of the police, using tear gas to disperse them.

The chemical agent reached the students of the school Don Bosco which were accompanied by their parents, than to be affected, protested against the gasification. While this was the case in El Prado, Vice-Minister Jorge Pérez, who was at the site doing a verification of the protest, was assaulted physically and verbally by some students and alleged parents who pushed the authority. A woman was arrested for this incident and others because of the riots, reported Erbol.

Trade unions convened by the COB have scheduled a second March through the main streets and avenues of La Paz, backed by the so-called blockade of “the thousand corners” for tomorrow [Friday, May 11th].


The former blockade ‘champion’ now resents other people’s use of that disturbing measure. Had he knew back then it was SO damaging, our country would have been more mature by now.