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TIPNIS facing “dirty war” lets show our support!!

Current government continues to put pressure against the 9th protest-walk in defense of the TIPNIS, this cartoon is from El Dia, May 10, 2012:

Title “how it costs to defend nature…”

As you see the TIPNIS’ defenders uphill struggle (literally) while the police is restraining them; right behind them the coca growers with their relentless push for more land to plant and profit from their illegal crop.

Humberto Vacaflor posted in his FaceBook page:


Today, May 12, 2012, hrs. 8: 30, in the community of Eterasama, a group of people at the head of the Mt. Hermo, President of the civic Committee, seized a cargo that belong to the humanitarian aid of the Indigenous Pastoral Committee, which was deposited at the home of Reynaldo Muiba, who lives in San Miguelito, by the Isiboro River and expected to be moved by Rubén Yuco to its destination. They (those of the said Committee), led the cargo to the headquarters of the Eterasama Trade Union Confederation, until that investigate (say), where it is, for who is and who finances such cargo. They said that they are not allowed to let anything pass into the TIPNIS.

The indigenous Pastoral from the flood of 2007, has carried out each year, humanitarian aid projects in seeds and laying hens to all communities of the Tipnis.

The seized cargo was destined to 157 families of San Miguelito and surroundings: San Miguelito, 35 families; Santa Teresa, 45 families; San Juan de Dios, 10 families; Santa Anita the Isiboro, 15 families; Santa Rosita, 10 families; Villa San Juan Nuevo, 12 families; San Benito, 15 families and San Andita, 15 families. It consisted of 6 horticulture seeds for all families (1 bag per family); 20 sacks of corn (5 kg per person); 16 sacks of fertilizer (5 kg per person); 8 bags of sorghum (1 kg per person); 157 bottles of insecticide and fungicide 157 bags.


I thank Humberto Vacaflor for this news, it is inconceivable to see how quickly current government’s politics and actions have turned against people who supported them to get into power. The so-claimed defenders of mother nature certainly seem to have lost their soul…