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La Paz citizens may be coming back to their senses… at last!!!

La Paz was the melting pot of Bolivia and economic center for many, many years. Its beautiful, despite the chaos that their citizens have to endure, mainly because of the political protests, strikes and blockades as it is the political center of our beloved country. In the turmoil of 2003 and 2005, La Paz consolidated the support most of their citizens gave to the marches the coca growers did some further years back. If it hadn’t been for La Paz citizens, current Bolivian presidency would have relied in other hands.

I used to live in La Paz, until the end of last century, I left it mainly because of the hatred current political government in power was able to build over time. In the last six years, reverse-racism made it almost impossible to live or visit that city; too much envy, blaming everyone else but themselves for their fortune or lack thereof, intolerance, disgust over our Republican history, denying our self existence. Despite all, we are mostly a Christian society with western civilization habits and an overwhelming mestizo population, contrary to the intention of current government to outcast ourselves.

To make things worse, yesterday the fight between police force and university students was violent to say the least. There is lack of negotiation skills and crisis management from the side of the government; the population of La Paz has to endure and absorb the tear gas, stress builds up and its harder and harder to live and prosper in La Paz, there is nothing peaceful over there but the name…

The economic mirage and demagogue that displays current political party in power was still receiving the support of the majority of La Paz urban population. I just couldn’t understand how those people thought a coca-grower-vertical-union leader was the best mind to govern us.

Now, there is a little light at the end of this dark era… Pagina Siete reports:

A survey of statistical services of radio Fides that took place in the city of La Paz said that 75,40% of respondents did not agree a new mandate of the President Evo Morales, in contrast to 24.50% who expressed their support for this idea.

[first graph question: “would you agree over a new mandate of E M?” NO 75.40%

second: “do you trust E M government?” NO 70.20%

third: “do you believe what the government says of E M?” NO 76.50%]

The results of the study were published yesterday in the digital page of Radiofides.com and point out that the survey called the “political climate of the city of La Paz” was held on 28 and 29 April in 50 districts of the city and were consulted to people of all socioeconomic levels.

According to the information contained in the portal of Fides, the survey was conducted when it began the 9th March in defense of the TIPNIS and the medical dispute reached the third week.
The study contains among its 14 questions the following question: “Would you agree over a new mandate of Evo Morales?”. 24.50% of the surveyed population responded positively to this question while 75,40% replied that they did not agree for a new mandate of the head of State, as he and several figures of the MAS already proclaimed.
In another question referred to whether the citizen believed or not in what the Government says, 76,50 per cent of respondents answered no, yes 23.40.
According to Fides, the political analyst Carlos Cordero said that “no doubt that the Government must reorient many of its policies and, above all, to change the attitude to these urban sectors that had been expressed”, while political scientist Marcelo Silva expressed that “President Morales won the election of (December of) 2009 with 78% of the vote in the Department of La Paz.” “If we bread down the vote of the city, resembling a 70%, this means that there was a high volatility of preference or mistrust in the Government of President Morales.