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Hectic Bolivian times and humor, May 2012

We have been experiencing blockades, strikes, riots. University students against police; community people in Potosi fighting against each other (Mallku Khota). In sum, a total anarchical chaos. The following cartoons serve to deflate stress and bring humor to our reality:

This is from El Diario, May 9, 2012:

At a crossroad that signals chaos and anarchy; a leader and owner of the public transport sector, being assisted by the police is next to a bus with a sign “urban transport strike; down with MSM [now opposition party to current gov] and the Mayor [La Paz], fare rise”

In front of them the population against that strike. Lets remember the Mayor of La Paz tried to regulate the public service and again, the vested interests of the owners of public transportation oppose. A service which is poor in quality, chaotic but powerful, they can stop our daily activities with their blockades. Bolivia needs to have a better service, it is commendable what La Paz Mayor is doing, others should follow that example.

This one is from El Dia, May 9, 2012:

It portrays how the executive government, through one of their ministers is blockading our exports. Sugar, soy, rice, corn are among the crops who can be exported, provided, that is, there is sufficient incentive for the small and large producers to have a profit. Otherwise, fewer produce will mean higher prices for internal consumption.

Government’s wrong interpretation to have control over exports, with the excuse to control internal supply, had generated shortages and even food imports at higher prices. With the serious economic impact on the competitiveness and plain existence on those producers. The erroneous economic policy this government is trying to force, is preventing us from producing more over the long run.

This is from Los Tiempos, May 10, 2012:

man: “avernoy, do you think the coca growers will come to the city to march?”

avernoy: “mate, just like the people goes out to claim over their rights, the coca growers can come to defend their government!”

kid: “it must be frustrating to march over a quiet and hostile city, right Nicola?”

dog: “kid, it’s the history of any occupation army!

Current government use the hordes of coca growers or groups labelled as ‘social movements’ as their enforcers, it is not the first time these type of groups ‘invade’ cities like Cochabamba, not so long ago a teenager died in the hands of that mob while trying to protect his dad”. So coca growers try to show that the government is not alone. If you’re asking about the police force, well they become spectators, and let the violent anarchical groups take over our lives.

This is from La Razon, May 13, 2012:

From left to right, different vested interest groups:

“long live socialism until there is military justice”

“long live socialism if I work six hours”

“socialism with autonomy to do as I please”

“Andean socialism as long as I do not have to pay taxes”

“socialism if they judge me with the “print” law”

Conflicts in Bolivia try to adjust to the language and style of this peculiar form of government…

This is from El Diario, May 13, 2012:

As current president (of the coca growers and of Bolivia) is in a precarious situation, due to the multiple issues that their own ineffectiveness caused to build up more and more. Groups question for results and are beginning to shout: “take a step aside!”

So, goes our reality…