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Bolivia to repeat the failures of Venezuela…

This news is written by Roberto Mendez and appears in El Dia, it reports the reaction of one of the so-recent-opposition-and-former-ally of current government. I believe that its a dangerous political move of MSM if they really want to amend their former mistakes when they were part of current government. We have witnessed Venezuelan failures towards a real democracy and failed to improve sustainable economic conditions for their citizens. Bolivia needs to change but in the proper way, being competitive, sustainable and without hatred among its society. So, all the opposition needs to sit, reflect and propose. The Governor of Beni has quit office to allow elections, however the government will do everything in their power to stall the election for as long as it serves their interests. The action of MSM does little do build up a good opposition capable of offering viable alternatives for our deprived political life.

Here is El Dia’s Mendez report:

While the suspended Governor of Beni, Ernesto Suárez, by dawn yesterday [May 14] still was meeting with the Chief of National Unity, Samuel Doria Medina; Juan del Granado appeared in Santa Cruz and surprised when announced he will not travel to Trinidad, to a Summit of opponents, “is a meeting of the right”.

“No, I won’t go”, said, “I’m in Santa Cruz,” noted within a press conference at the hotel La Pascana in Santa Cruz downtown.

Thus replied to the invitation he received from Suárez, who yesterday confirmed today to renounce the [resign from his elected] position to make new elections viable in the Amazonian Department.

The project consists to form a front of opposition in future elections, to win over the movement to socialism [MAS], which now, in alliance with the MNR, handles the Governor’s Office.

Does not believe in the elections. “The MSM is building a vigorous political instrument with a view to offer you an alternative from the popular-field to the country,” replied the Granado in response to the consultation on a possible Alliance.

In his opinion the resignation does not imply an immediate call to elections because the departmental Legislative Assembly is in hands of the governing party and [del Granado believes] they will not make that call.

“I have spoken with don Ernesto Suárez and I have ratified him the solidarity of the MSM.” “But seems to us, a somewhat premature decision to resign, although we respect,” said.

However in Trinidad, one of their leaders, César Arteaga, announced that he will go to the Act, although not as an ally.

Costas is going. The Governor of Santa Cruz and Chief of the Verdes [Greens], Rubén Costas, grouping will hear the call of Suarez, as confirmed yesterday one of his Secretaries, Oscar Ortiz, who declined to comment on “the meeting of the right”, while several deputies and Senators of national convergence, as Roger Pinto, announced that they will be present.

For his part, the Minister of transparency Nardy Suxo said that the call for the former Governor of the Beni, Ernesto Suárez to the heads of opposition parties, will be to plan the “overthrow” of President Evo Morales.


Ernesto Suárez

‘Is absurd what says Nardi Suxo’

Governor Ernesto Suárez yesterday gave an interview to Patujú radio in Trinidad, in which denied that their call is a conspiracy to overthrow President Evo Morales.

Q. is there a conspiracy?

E.S.: what says the Minister Suxo is absurd because it was due to her unfounded allegations, that they gave me the coup.

Q. why convene the opposition?

E.S.: Because we are in our right of forming a front with democracy to regain the governorship.


They believe that this election will be a [political] laboratory to face 2014 [national elections]

A laboratory. Political analyst Carlos Cordero, believes that outcomes that can occur when the Beni future Governor election [takes place], will mark a pattern of facing general elections in the year 2014.

“We will see if the opposition manages to articulate a common front and see if the movement to socialism [MAS] can win in a territory that has always been adverse [Beni],” said

Choice. According to the norm, after three months of the resignation of the authority, they must call elections for the governorate of Beni.