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Is this anarchy or what?

Unfortunately and progressively, we have become witnesses of the deterioration of our way of life, Los Tiempos reports:

The rescue of three people taken hostage by herders of Mallku Khota is difficult; the villagers want Government authorities and the Bolivian Mining Corporation (Comibol) to be present in the site and also want the rescission of the mining concession granted to the American company South American Silver, arguing that the extractive activity pollutes their territory.

The Governor of Potosí, Félix González, who traveled to the region to manage the release of the retained three; last night at 19: 30, via telephone, reported that he had failed to reach the community by blockades of the unionized transport and the herders of Northern Potosi.

As a result, the first departmental authority said that he could not engage in dialogue with the leaders of the community. “If I can enter this evening (for Tuesday), I will address this problem if it is in my hands, what worries me are the people retained”, said Gonzalez in a concise manner via phone.

The weekend, a group of 10 policemen went to Mallku Khota, alongside with a Sacaca Attorney, to notify former authorities of that community in the [legal] process followed by the North American company, but villagers were belligerent and in the middle of the clashes with the police, retained one of them.

Last Monday – according to the Governor, two others, a driver and a paramedic, which had entered the community to provide medical care to the detained police, were also captured by the herders.

According to Erbol News Agency, two policemen were detained: officer José Carlos Maso Escobar and corporal Enrique Guillermo Paillo.

The Governor reported that a human rights Commission managed to enter the place and regretted that some media magnified the situation about the threat that they would bury alive two policemen.

“It was an exaggeration of some media who are misinforming”, expressed by arguing that there are obviously people retained, but that they are in good health, despite the fact that the police retained the weekend has bruises on the body and lost a tooth.

For his part, the Minister of mining, Mario Virreira, over telephone contact, stated that he was working to find a solution to the conflict that arose in the mining area of Mallku Khota.

He said that the security situation is not within his competence that, according to him, [he is] working in a structural issue to settle the dispute, taking into account that part of the settlers opposed to the project of the Canadian company South American Silver.

Police Mother

The mom of José Carlos Maso Escobar, a 20 years old policeman, which is held since last Saturday in the community Mallku Khota, crying, requested the release of his son.

Marcelina Escobar, told Erbol Pio XII radio, [when she] reached North of Potosí from Cochabamba, where she resides, to find out the retention of his son. “Don’t do you damage my ‘wawita’ [baby], release him please”, asked the mother in Quechua.


Aside of those anarchical reactions that sprout uncontrolled nationwide, they can also outline current government’s inability to rule, lacking the capacity to enforce Law and protect all citizens, regardless…