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May 7, 2012: a week full of conflict and potential escalating violence

TIPNIS protest-walk group is facing today a blockade in San Ignacio de Moxos, TV news showing people with brand new rolls of barbed wire “fencing” the road where the marchers are supposed to be passing-by today (whose financing?), marchers’ group is around 11 km away of this conflicting town. Some inhabitants of that town do not want the marchers to go by midtown and bypass (not stop) the town and continue their march. Not even a mass service will be allowed. In sum, total intolerance with the people that are fighting for their territorial rights and also fighting for all of us while protecting our National Park; thus establishing jurisprudence over our whole National Park System.

Medics, universities and the major union in the country (COB) are also planning to continue with strikes and probable blockades, so turmoil, intolerance among the population will more likely take place. The role of the police will continue to be that of suppressing some of those acts, while the central government continues to have an unclear conflict management policy of these issues.

Follows the schedule of such conflicts, published by Los Tiempos, for this unfortunate, unproductive week in our beautiful and conflicting country…:



• Protest-march of doctors in Cochabamba.

• New picket line of the hunger-strike and blockades by the health group (medics, health personnel)

• Public transport strike in La Paz

• Strike of the University.

• Indigenous people of the TIPNIS resumed their March.


• Blockades by the health sector

• Transport strike in La Paz.


• Starts the 72-hour strike by the COB.

• The blockade of the thousand corners by teachers in La Paz.

• Startup of a March of  the coca growers against the TIPNIS, in Cochabamba.


Strike of the COB.


Strike of the COB


Conflict resolution and Negotiation skills are desperately needed inside current government institutions… lets not forget that liquid gas (GLP) shortage in Santa Cruz is beginning to affect and annoy some neighborhoods; and Jindal threatens to stop its work in El Mutun, and their potential unemployed workers are beginning to show signs of unrest, due to misunderstandings with the central government in terms of contract compliance and natural gas supply.