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Hectic politics during May 2012…

At least three main nationwide conflicts and a very visible ongoing TIPNIS saga are the frustrating Bolivian showcase during the last six weeks or so:

This is from Los Tiempos, April 25, 2012:

kid: “in Chile, president Piñera has inaugurated a program called ‘one story per day’, to boost ‘lecture among children, preferably to be read next to the parent, how do you see it?”

avernoy: “here the politicians tell us more than a ‘story’, so we are better than in Chile, kid!”

dog ‘thinking’: “they must have copied from us!”


This is from El Diario, May 5, 2012:

man: “the government of ‘evo’ has nationalized the ‘REE’! the Spanish transportation network…!” [electricity]

woman: “don’t be surprised, that could be like the ‘short’ law of the ‘TIPNIS’! he can change his mind …!”

[the ‘consistency’ of current government is overwhelming, to say the least…]

This is from El Diario, May 7, 2012:

woman 1: “…this time, I am not claiming nor supporting anything… but I already got accustomed to march every say…!”

woman 2: “… if there would be no marches and blockades, we wouldn’t know what to do… unless.. dance…!”

[In more than one occasion I’ve watched on TV, marchers who were interviewed and had no clue of why they were marching…]

Also from El Diario, May 8, 2012:

reporter: “Mrs. what is that you demand from the government?…”

woman: “… human rights!… I am tired for forcefully marching, under sanction by the leaders of the social movements!!”

[The so-called social movements have become during this government, as just an operating arm to exert control on riots, blockades and strikes]

Finally, this one from Los Tiempos, May 8, 2012:

By order, from left to right:

1: “what do we medics want?”

2: “what do we drivers want?”

3: “what do we teachers want?”

4: “what do we indigenous want?”

5: “what does the government want?”

6: “until when, dammit?”

[…and so Bolivian citizens have to either cope with these hectic life and endure or move elsewhere…]