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Two proud healthy TWIN marchers join TIPNIS protest-walk group in Chaparina, Altamira!!

Pablo Ortiz reports for El Deber:

Two babies are born where there was repression

It rains and the news has spread in the three huts of Altamira: a woman has come with birth pangs and may give birth at anytime. It rains and Carolina Moye is lying on a double bed, the unique space of this ‘pahuichi’ [hut] three by four meters in which there are no boxes, gallons or stacked chairs. Carolina does not moan, nor complains, but is now about to deliver. Surrounded by her sister Adriana and Viviana Flores, Maricruz Torrico and Zulema Espinosa nursing students.

It was already raining when Carolina began to feel the pains of childbirth. It was 10:00 and the ‘surazo’ [cold weather front that comes from the South Pole] began to whip the column, which took three hours marching to cover the 23 kilometers that separate Embocada from Altamira.

In the kitchen of Altamira there is already a pot on the fire and wet firewood leaves a pungent odor that impregnates clothing and gives Nazaret Flores watery eyes, while she slices bananas to thicken the soup. Nazaret is happy at the news, and recalling, she could well be there in that bed about to give birth. Eight months ago, in this place, Nazaret was kicked in the belly by a few policemen for not climbing faster to a pickup truck. Nazaret was interned for a curettage in Chuspipata, but lost her baby here at Chaparina. “Because of that, I’m never going to forgive this Government”, she said.

It rains and the air has begun to cool down. From behind the black mat hears the voice of Viviana: “already born, I need a diaper”.

Suddenly, a voice comes from the hut asking more skirts and another cover: “Comes another”.

The second child was smaller and more skinny and will be 19 minutes younger than his brother. Both can boast that they have been hardened from conception. Carolina was eight months pregnant, so both were conceived in one of the tents at the 8th March, shortly before the suppression of Chaparina.

Minutes go by and concern grows. Carolina can not expel the placentas. She is tired and still losing blood. There is only a solution: take her to Yucumo. Bertha Bejarano, President of the March, is afraid that they do not receive her [as there are people against the protest-walk], but there is no time for fear. If Carolina does not receive aid soon, she may die. Two men pick her up and take it to a van which in 10 minutes takes her to the door of the hospital of Yucumo.

Doctors and nurses move fast. Carolina is carried to the maternity ward in a wheelchair and is soon lying down, wrapped in two quilts. She says that they don’t know yet what names to give [to the twins]. Everyone wants them to be called Isiboro and Sécure. Carolina smiles, but not accede to the request. She may decide on the names today, or perhaps wait until reaching La Paz.

On the day

Hold on. Altamira will be the headquarters of the March until Monday 28th. Today the column will move 500 meters that separate the stay of the San Lorenzo bridge, where eight months ago were outraged by the police. There they will wait for the Government, though they know that no one will come.

Cabildo. The allied to the Government could not do a cabildo in San Borja. Rain made the road impassable so they could not entail Yucumo settlers to the city. They rescheduled for May 30th.

Tension. Not yet defined what will happen when the March attempt to traverse Yucumo. In theory, yesterday there was a stoppage at that location, but it was not enforced given that all businesses remained open. Still not sure if they will block or will let them pass. Today, it is expected the reinstatement of Adolfo Chávez, President of the Cidob, coming back from Ecuador.


The struggle goes on but with TWO need fighters!!! my support to TIPNIS people in their rightful claim over their territory and their fight for our National Parks integrity!!