Why don’t we comply with existing laws?

It is really confusing, how this government sets up the rules, laws and then decides to bypass them, instead of amending, updating or clarifying better. This can only be a proof of how current people really are. They want to do as they please, and feel not obliged to comply with the rules, unless it is in their own benefit.

Pagina Siete reported on december 24, 2011 about recent statement made by current Bolivian vice-president. Incidentally, a government official position who should make sure to comply with existing laws, the ones he sanctioned himself! For the full Spanish article, please use the link below:

Development projects and implementation of investments by State enterprises will continue, even if the consultation process to the original indigenous people is not concluded [or initiated?], as provided for in the Financial law that was passed yesterday by the Government.

The Acting President [as the current president decided to spend Christmas holidays in a foreign country], Álvaro García Linera, described as “very important” to have introduced in the standard of the General national budget a provision which – he said – will ensure investments and serves exclusively for State-owned enterprises. [and why not to the private investments as well? don’t they use their own capital, and pay taxes and revenues to the State? thus, lowering the risk for public funding and releasing those funds to improve our health and education systems??!]

“The query and the environmental license will go on, but if for this consultation a leader comes to blackmail with another theme that is not consultation [per se] and they want to stop on your investment, you continue with your investment in favour of the Bolivian people”, stated García Linera yesterday at a press conference. [another sign of authoritarianism, no need to bypass existing laws, after all this government gave the ‘independence” to 36 nations; or was that only a political move and never intended to abandon single, unitary government decision?]

He explained that if you stop carrying out the consultation provided for in the political Constitution of the State (CPE) and it was stopped because “some leader or politician” introduces a theme other than consultation, then the State Enterprise shall have the right to continue with the investments. [law enforcement and obedience must be clear at all times, if this “practice” is said to be good for the public enterprises, why not to private ones?! what is the logic here? if there is any!!!]


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