Bolivia is the largest producer of organic cocoa!!

This week is almost over and finally! a piece of good news!! As reported by Gabriela Imaña, La Prensa (for full Spanish article, please use the link below):

Currently, Bolivia is recognized as the world’s largest producer of organic cocoa; it grows in the Alto Beni region. The Department of La Paz has 90 percent of the cocoa harvested in Bolivia and represents 98 percent of the exports of the sector and its derivatives. The country earns more than two million dollars for the export of this product.
In previous years, the domestic market increased its demand for a good chocolate. An important element for the growth of this crop was the increase in exports by more than a 100 percent, which raised $1.16 million in 2009 to $2.38 million in the year 2010.
Trade for products such as butter, cocoa powder and cocoa liquor has also increased over that period. The sale of cocoa to the international market grew up in the previous years in volume and price. Some of the leading manufacturers of chocolate in the world acquire this Bolivian article; which may come back to the country industrialized and transformed.
Production in the country: Nationwide studies determined that there are 12,000 hectares of wild cacao and 4,900 of cultivated cocoa. The municipalities of Palos Blancos and Caranavi, La Paz, are the largest producers of cultivated cacao, with 5,000 hectares; while in the Beni, the Baures municipality has more than 5,000 hectares of wild cacao, according to the research by the Campesino Center for Research and Promotion (CIPCA).
Every year, harvest totals 400 tons and is used for the production of chocolate; El Ceibo, which is the largest cocoa trader company in the country, covers more than 60 percent of the domestic market.
In Bolivia, cocoa production was spurred since 1977, by German cooperation through El Ceibo in Alto Beni, and later on by the development corporations of La Paz and Beni.
The cold: In July, it was announced that low temperatures in Alto Beni affected cocoa crops, as cold temperatures give a brownish color on the raw material by frost, so it is no longer suitable for planting. However, a good crop is still expected.
8,000 families are engaged in cocoa cultivation in the country; and continues to grow every year.

Processed products

POWDER: Chocolate that must be prepared with milk or water is one of the most popular in the local market.

IN BARS: With raisins, cereals or pure are the presentations of the chocolate bars.

CREAM: Dark or white chocolate are for the decoration of cakes or fillings for cakes.

There are at least three new chocolate brands in Santa Cruz, which are of incredible quality and extremely tasteful and delicious. Long time ago, I remember going to a city in Belgium famous for their chocolates and let me tell you, Bolivian produce is as good as those. And they are ours!!!

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