It is not a game, Bolivia is turning into a failed State, a narc one!

It is no secret that Bolivian president has claimed over and over that he is foremost the leader of the coca grower’s of Chapare. Furthermore, a UN report states that over 90% of the Chapare coca goes to narcotraffick … over the last eleven years, this person had absolute control of all State powers, thus his main priority is to remain in power at all cost.

So, we have experienced anarchy all over, we have seen entire towns in the highlands and valleys turned into the illegal business of cocaine precursors and cocaine trade … an international airport, which used to be the airstrip of the NAS and DEA in the Chapare, is now sitting idle …

Government officials claim there are no drug cartels in country … nevertheless we see dozens of Colombian bikers engaged in questionable loans in the outskirts of our main cities … laundering takes place in all forms in Bolivian life … it is not a joke, we’re turning into Somalia!

Prensa Latina reports:

Bolivian Government Formally Complains to France by Video Game

La Paz, March 1 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivian government handed over to the French ambassador in La Paz, Denys Wibaux, a formal complaint by a video game made by Ubisoft company damaging the image of Bolivia.


Bolivia reserves the right to take legal action – we have all the protection and support to do so – but we would prefer to initially use up the diplomatic mediation, the Interim Foreign Minister Carlos Romero told reporters.

As stated by Romero, the executive welcomed French diplomat´s slightly tendency avoiding to damage the image of Bolivia in this sort of video games.

He also stated that, even though the Ubisoft video game does not directly make a clear reference to Bolivia it does include some geographical areas and national symbols.

The video game, -Romero added-, portrays Bolivia´s struggle against drug trafficking.

It would be very paradoxical for a French company to debate our actions on this issue, as we fight such scourge with European technology, the official stressed.

In addition, he added that Bolivia’s drug-related achievements are internationally recognized and certified by some organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU).


There is an Spanish say that goes more or less like this: “if the river sounds … it’s because it drags stones” no wonder such a game decided to locate itself in Bolivia!

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