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A compelling reason why not build dams in Bolivia: New species are registered in Madidi

El Diario reports:

New species are registered in Madidi

Dozens of new species of mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and hundreds of butterflies were discovered by a scientific expedition in the Bolivian park Madidi.

The terrestrial paradise of biodiversity, little explored is located in the Amazon of Bolivia and adjacent to Peru; The Madidi Reserve is the center of a remarkable research effort by a score of professionals who keep track of the unknown creatures found on their various ecological floors.


The coca grower caudillo that managed to seize presidential power, and absolute control of ALL State powers in Bolivia, for the last eleven years and who is relentlessly looking forward to remain ad infinitum, is full of the wrong ideas of development from the first part of 20th century.

This ochlocrat and defender of the coca crop, from a region that was determined in a UN study, showing that over 90% of that coca leaf crop goes to cocaine production, is determined to push indigenous people out of their lands by means of building roads, dams … the main purpose being to expand the frontier land for coca.

Not only Bolivia would lose biodiversity but it would also deprive the entire world from it … we must put an end to this madman. The world needs to know and must help Bolivia return to a democracy, where no re-re-re-re elections should take place, the so-called “socialists of the 21st century” have flunked big time in Latin America, they managed to waste our resources and impoverished our societies: Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Bolivia fell into the trap, enough!