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Javier Sánchez: The work of a Bolivian tailor who arrived to Armani, Italy

Erbol reports via Pagina Siete:

Javier Sánchez: The work of a Bolivian tailor who arrived to Armani, Italy

The Bolivian took his work to Monte Napoleone Street, the most famous street in the world for fashion.

screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-10-39-28-amJavier Sebastián Sánchez is a 46-year-old tailor from La Paz who left Bolivia to escape the economic crisis and managed to get his sewing work to the well-known Italian brand Armani, in the most expensive stores in Milan.

The distance between Bolivia and the Mecca of international fashion is quite long and Sánchez managed to conquer it. The Bolivian, whose family originated in Guaqui, took his work to Monte Napoleone Street, the most famous street in the world for fashion in which are the most recognized and glamorous brands.

In an interview with the Weaving Bolivia program of ERBOL, the Bolivian tailor told that he left for Milan in 2006 due to the crisis that was happening in the national territory.

He crossed 10 thousand kilometers to reach the European country and began to knock doors to get a job. Then he knew only one phrase in Italian: “I look for work, I am a tailor”, but he relied on his art because he carries the trade in his blood, since his father was also engaged in sewing.

“He who seeks, finds,” said the Bolivian, who thanks to his trade, he obtained as a family legacy, settled in Italy

He explained that his work for Armani is done in external tailoring, because foreigners can not be in stores. Javier’s work for this brand – as he said – is to use his skills to adjust suits tailored to customers.

According to the tailor, all the Armani suits that went through his hands were used by famous people and Chinese or Arab entrepreneurs, who have enough money to afford the luxurious clothing.

He said that in Milan, on Monte Napoleone Street, there are also brands like Valentino, Brioni, Dolce & Gabbana and Cavalli, and costumes cost more than 10 thousand euros.

“I know a potosina who also worked in Cavalli,” he added.

But not everything is “rosy” for the Bolivian in Milan, he said that these globally recognized brands sell exorbitantly their clothes as if it were Italian work, but in reality it is foreigners who can not be inside those glamorous stores.

As an example, he reported that he was paid 10 euros per hour for making a suit, with first quality fabric. It took 20 hours and earned 200 euros, but that garment was sold for 3,500 euros “only for the brand.” He estimated that if he had sold that outfit he would only have been able to charge about 250 euros.

“A famous stylist told me that I am like a load little donkey. I carry the burden for others to win,” he lamented.

Personal project

The high professionalization he saw in Italy, made Javier and his daughter undertake a project to favor young people. He indicated that the objective is to have high level studies in several areas, like fashion and the kitchen, to provide services in Italy.

“All these young people will take advantage of what Milan can offer us as a capacity,” he said.

Javier Sánchez has also taken Bolivian folklore across Europe. With his group “Diablada mi Bolivia” he made presentations with success in places like Rome and France.