Daily Archives: March 15, 2017

Bolivia is becoming like Somalia or Afghanistan, cocaine is taking over!

This cartoon is from Pagina Siete, 03/06/2017:


It shows, a coca grower desire to pay an annual tax of only Bs50, less than $10 dollars!

Somalia and/or Afghanistan have fallen to the control of small groups who with guns and money do as they [lease in those countries … similar thing is happening in Bolivia. Let alone the damage to our environment and posioning our human capital with this drug.

No wonder, the coca grower caudillo, over the last eleven years as our country’s president, likes to emphasize that he is foremost the coca grower leader … the rest does not matter, just to remain in power and continue to protect these “producers” that even a UN study pointed out that over 90% of the coca produced in the Chapare, goes to cocaine production!