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US Claims Bolivia and Venezuela Allow Drug Trafficking to Flourish

Sabrina Martin reports for PanAm Post:

US Claims Bolivia and Venezuela Allow Drug Trafficking to Flourish


Once again Bolivia and Venezuela, along with Burma, are the countries where there is a “demonstrable failure” in their obligations to fight drug trafficking. [this is a no-brainer considering the coca grower caudillo from the region has become president, after 11 years in total control of all State powers, he does not cease to repeat he is the leader of the Chapare coca growers; a region where over 90% of the coca leaf production goes to cocaine production, as reported by a UN organization. So we can understand where his allegiances and priorities come from …]

A US report on drug trafficking reveals that the administrations of Evo Morales and Nicolás Maduro have allowed drug trafficking to flourish within their territory.

The report, for 2016, is based on recommendations issued by former US President Barack Obama last September when he designated Bolivia, Venezuela, and Burma as responsible for a failed policy in the fight against drugs in the previous 12 months. [let’s not forget that during the early hectic months of his government, there was a very “strange” plane that wanted to land in Bolivia tropical town and was forced to land in Brazil, guns and cocaine are strong suppositions of that cargo … Venezuela and Bolivia are the puppets of the Cuba/Castro regime, for these individuals, there is only one thing in mind: seize power, enrich themselves as the true demagogues they are!]

According to the document issued by the Obama administration, neither Venezuela nor Bolivia met their commitments against trafficking and drug production in the last year. Venezuela was included in that list in 2007, and Bolivia in 2008.

Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Belize are among the largest producers and transit countries in the world.

Routes from Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico are used to bring supply to the United States, while European markets are accessed through drug routes originating in Venezuela, Brazil, and Bolivia, with West Africa often used as a shipment hub.

It should be noted that recently the US Treasury Department implemented sanctions against Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami, who is accused of collaborating with drug trafficking and terrorism throughout the world. [keep in mind that the coca grower caudillo was a fervent admirer of the dictator of Libia, and has reached to Iran and Syria for the first time in our history as we Bolivians have nothing in common with them … Bolivia has a society with Western-culture civilization and Christian values, we are a majority of mestizos who have been manipulated and misled by this ochlocrat]

Specifically, El Aissami is accused of providing Lebanese and Iranian terrorist groups with Venezuelan passports.

And according to the US Treasury Department, El Aissami exercised control over planes that took off from a Venezuelan air base, in addition to controlling drug routes that originate in Venezuelan ports.

El Aissami was recently appointed vice president by Nicolas Maduro, whose government has been weathering a severe economic crisis for several years.

Source: El Nacional