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Desperate coca grower’s gov is seeking new ways to tax us!

El Diario reports:

2017 Pilot Economic Census

The director of the National Statistical Institute (INE), Luis Pereira, informed that from the first days of April will be launched the pilot test of the 2017 Economic Census in three departments of the country. The consultation will serve to update information of the sector, under the concept of the plural economy established in Article 306 of the Political Constitution of the State (CPE), which assigns producers a leading role to boost the economic development of the country.

“The next week will be carried out the pilot test of the economic census, will be carried out in three departments, La Paz Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and periurban areas of each region,” he said.

The objective of the Economic Census is to update the data of economic establishments, but this time under the conception of what is the plural economy, which is in the CPE. According to Pereira, the 2017 Economic Census has a typology of “right” and is not done in a day, but in a period of up to three months, so it is expected to consolidate its execution until June this year.


It is a no brainer that current government has wasted our money, over $180 billion dollars fell down the cracks of corruption, bureaucracy and insane-non-productive “projects” … so, now they are trying to see ways to tax us even more, as the insane “bonuses” and humongous civil service payroll they created, needs to have ways to continue to finance this sorry mirage.

If we look at the tax payers’ composition since the 1970s, we will see that they have not grown as population did. Over 60% of the people who work, do from the informal side, thus pay no taxes but demand highly, encouraged by the populist and demagogue government of the coca grower caudillo.