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Dorado: Evo spends without permission to follow failed model … WTH!?

Hoybolivia.com reports:

Dorado: Evo spends without permission to follow failed model

screen-shot-2017-03-06-at-9-59-16-amSanta Cruz.- In connection with President Evo Morales’s trip to Venezuela to commemorate the four years since Hugo Chávez’s death, congressman of the Democrat political party, Luis Felipe Dorado said that the president “continues to spend without permission Bolivian resources for his travels of private interest”.

“First he went to Cuba for alleged health reasons and was lodged in the same place as the FARC narco-guerrilla commander, Timochenko. This is suspicious, especially at times when Bolivia almost doubled the number of legal coca crops,” he said.

Dorado said that “he is still traveling to Venezuela, spending millions with his super-plane to follow a failed model like the Chavista, a model that only brings hunger and despotism.”

“Bolivia can not follow in Venezuela’s footsteps. It has to change its model towards one based on the deconcentration of power and respect for the entrepreneurship of the people,” he added.


This is a clear example of the coca growers caudillo’s priorities … he could care less about the well-being of our society, he is replicating Somalia!