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Serious concern: unplanned adolescent pregnancies…

El Dia reports:

In all the country

246 unplanned pregnancies per day

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 9.17.56 AMDeputy Minister of Equal Opportunities, Juan Antonio Perez reported yesterday that daily, the country recorded 246 unplanned pregnancies in adolescents, which led to develop a prevention plan which aims to help reduce that number and that group of the society to exercise their rights.

“In Bolivia unplanned pregnancies per year are 90,005 cases in adolescents younger than 20 years, and reported 246 per day,” he said.

Perez said that preventive actions, under the plan, which was presented today [09/02/2015], shall be coordinated between the Ministries of Justice, Labor, Education and Health. The authorities made it clear that the plan is not intended to “encourage young pregnancy, or have sex, but on the contrary, to reflect,” he said. / ABI


This concern affects all Bolivian society, and as such we should not condemn but find solutions!