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Ernesto Ortiz Silverware

Los Tiempos reports:


Ernesto Ortiz Silverware

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 8.44.44 AMA twenty year old Ernesto Ortiz, a native of Arani, began collecting works of art from the colonial period and seeing the demand and that these were not merely reproduced, he launched into production mainly of embossed silver and other religious objects.

“I liked to collect colonial art, not only silver but painting, images. Then, as antiques do not multiply; on the contrary they are running out, a buddy taught me to work with silver and started on my own. I took several classes, eg on molten knew nothing and had to go to Mexico and Argentina for learning also embossed and chiseled,” says Ernesto Ortiz.

By the end of the 80s he had a workshop in which employed about 50 young people (many of whom by now are independent and have their own workshops). A few years later, when Jaime Paz Zamora was President, helped by him, Ernesto Ortiz began to participate in international fairs where his work became better known.

Currently, in addition to a workshop in Cochabamba it has two branches in the United States, one in New Mexico and one in Miami, where he spends most of the year and where he sells his work that normally manufactures in Cochabamba, and with various Bolivian metals.

In past days, Ernesto Ortiz opened an exhibition of his works in the Salon Mario Unzueta of the House of Culture [Cochabamba], display that will run until September 17.