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Against perpetuity of the coca grower in the Bolivian presidency

Manfredo Kempff writes in El Deber:

Against perpetuity

Manfredo KempffIn fact H.E. [His Excellency], has already accepted his fourth presidential candidacy. For that to happen, he has outrageously lied to Bolivia, first in 2009 and then last year when he publicly stated that he would not mediate electorally. He lied, but the crime is he ignored and damaged the Constitution. So, he does not lie anymore, his acolytes have interpreted his desire to remain in power and have reportedly cut to the chase: reform the Magna Carta to his rigging.

Wheter he is ‘re-run’ by the ‘bartolinas’ coca growers, cooperatives or smugglers, it is not important. These social movements dance under the direction of H.E. and that was that. It is the ‘people’ of which boasts H.E. and displaying the MAS to support its a blow to Article 168 of the Constitution. They say that further reforms will be made to the judicial system and other aspects will be improved, but it is an excuse. All that matters is the indefinite re-election of one man, of H.E.

Of course, the opposition is right to denounce all that abuse. But it is the opposition, by petty and stupid, it was unable to prevent two thirds of the MAS in the Assembly. Now, with these two-thirds, the ruling may promote partial reform of the Constitution, which will then go for approval by referendum. The opponents do not want to confront H.E. in a future election, but they should be convinced that who will propose the candidate of the MAS will be the MAS and not the opposition. If H.E. rejoices to stay at the Palace, then they have to beat him.

So, go mourn elsewhere. And better that instead of the opponents mourning, they should agree to stop the indefinite re-election at the approval referendum, which will be a national wrestling with great disadvantage because the popularity of H.E. remains high and the crisis has not affected its image. Another chance to stop H.E. and this government that astonishes by its wastefulness and robery will be in the general elections of 2019. There the chances may be higher if there is a good candidate to confront him.

We are facing a heartless, cunning and tricky government. But also rich. H.E. is not interested in democracy, he does not care if it is not running in its favor. He just wants to govern and the rest of his supporters are happy with it so take care because they know that their backs will be safe and not have to account for their misdeeds with the Indigenous Fund, satellites, barges, aircraft, useless airports and all the blows and stick to the Indigenous.