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Undeniable truth: “Bolivia does not need a nuclear plant”

El Diario reports:

Franchesco Zaratti, Physicist:

“Bolivia does not need a nuclear plant”

• Lack of information created confusion on Mallasilla neighbors.
• In Santa Cruz, also rejected a parliamentary initiative for the project to be transferred to that capital.

Francesco ZarattiThe doctor in physics, Franchesco Zaratti said yesterday in an interview that “Bolivia does not require a nuclear plant, because it has all the necessary resources for power generation.”

He added: “We have sun, wind, water, why get into something that creates more problems.”

He clarified further that there is a difference between a nuclear plant and a Center for Research and Development in Nuclear Technology, and said the lack of information led to mistrust and even panic in the population of Mallasilla, where it was announced that a plant of such nature would be installed and then it was clarified that the second one would be the indicated.

The nuclear center must be controlled, only like that would be beneficial for food use, because under the control of the atomic organization, it could improve even the production of seeds.

He criticized the lack of government information to the Bolivians, because when they announced of an expropriation bill for Achocalla or Mallasilla, they simply raised concerns among people, given the uncertainty of the scope that would have a center of such conditions.

He clarified that the Mallasilla land, in municipal terms, is considered as a “red zone”, so the government must seek authorization from the Mayor for the intended construction.

Also, in Santa Cruz yesterday came a stream of rejection of the possibility of moving this project to the Santa Cruz capital, an initiative that was raised by government’s congressman, Franklin Flores.

“Given the rejection of the residents of Mallasilla, Santa Cruz is making available five hectares so that it can carry out this project,” said the deputy of the MAS.


Indeed, it is infuriating and completely frustrating to try to make the masistas understand… the ochlocracy definition has never been so fulfilling to describe these individuals.

They simply do NOT understand, BOLIVIA DOES NOT NEED A NUCLEAR PLANT!!

Is it because of the coca grower leader’s egocentric & egomaniac desires? Or is it part of the stupid alba gang, the socialist of the 21st century delusions of grandeur? Is it because the Iranians so desire and push to get a foot on Latin America, and this is their best choice?