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They unite to stop the trade in bushmeat

Carlos Muñiz reports for El Dia:

Interior and Municipality

They unite to stop the trade in bushmeat

Road check points. Pailón and Cotoca are where most seizures were made by the illegal sale, officials report.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 8.11.24 AMUnits of Biodiversity of the Governor’s office and Environment of the municipality of the city of Santa Cruz, joined forces with the national police to curb the trade of bushmeat in the capital, activity that is penalized under the Act 1333, in force since 1990. The municipal authorities fail to have an audit on this subject and therefore act on complaints. Public officials clarified that only the sale of meat of cattle, pigs, poultry and fish at certain times of the year are allowed, the rest is taken as contraband.

Smuggling on the east region. Raul Rojas, departmental director of Biodiversity of the government explains: “The sale of any kind of bush meat is illegal and not allowed under any circumstances.” However, Rojas acknowledges that it is an activity that fail to control. “Pailas and Cotoca are the points where most complaints and seizures are recorded throughout the year.” The authority explained that in many cases the meat is spoiled, because is not properly treated, cooling is an issue, but when it is in acceptable condition is donated to foster care homes in the area in question.

The municipality makes other controls. Fernando Antelo, who directs consumer protection in the municipality, explains: “All flesh that is in good condition, can be sold.” Antelo says it is not his responsibility “the control of the outlets do not fall under the competence of the municipality, but they are helping in this task.”


As you can see, there is the problem but absolute absence of coherent, enforceable public policies to protect our wildlife.