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A fact in the Bolivia of “the change”: Government policies allow smuggling

El Diario reports:

Analyst says

Government policies allow smuggling

Ivan AriasThe analyst Ivan Arias said that repeated policy of “let be and let pass” [laissez faire – laissez passer] in the field of smuggling has made informal trade to be the only important activity in some populations of the country apart from agricultural production.

“It’s a shame that they are the authorities of government themselves and their relatives in that town, where regional authorities are as owners of the borders, which do not apply any control. It only serves the interests of contraband and illegal activities, as you have seen. There are sectors that have no control, because they have been so instructed by their own authorities, beyond the shortcomings of logistics and people who can object to the institutions of order, particularly smuggling is permitted despite the criticisms and allegations made,” Arias noted.


On the same basis, the sociologist David Castillo states that the lack of steady employment is one of the reasons for allowing the smuggling activity to become the one with increased activity in different regions of the country.

“It’s one of the fastest growing activities in recent years, as families realize that there is a crisis in employment and this, in most cases, it is temporary, inadequate and does not offer the guarantees to support a family of five members, as is the number of people in a typical family,” he said.

Castillo and Arias agree that in the current management year, it could not only continue the informal activity, but increased in some municipalities where the ruling party seeks to reaffirm their stay in order to maintain a monopoly in the current politics.

“I don’t know how much could change the activity of smuggling in border regions, where this factor has remained for many years as the only activity under current government, so if the political trend is repeated, we believe that smuggling will continue unaltered and possibly intensify,” Castillo repeated.

Therefore, the policy of smuggling in Desaguadero, one of the Andean region which is close to the Peruvian side, allow the “ant smuggling” to continue stockpiling Bolivian products in deposits of households in the neighboring country.