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Ismael Cala says that the interview with Evo made him “want to vomit”

Omar Pereyra in eju.tv reports from CNN:

Ismael Cala says that the interview with Evo made him “want to vomit”

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.34.04 PMIn the program “Oppenheimer presents” last Sunday night [09/06/2015], the popular presenter of CNN Ismael Cala said that the interviews with some politicians make him want to vomit, adding that the last case of this happened with Evo Morales.

“What do you think about your power to hear when you listen to leaders who say nonsense?” Asked Andres Oppenheimer.

“Wishes to puke in front of them, for that is the most difficult part of my work, I sometimes feel that they are seeing the face of stupid in me and I am not able to say much. (…) it happened to me with Evo Morales recently, I had to swallow my tongue,” said Cala.

Ismael Cala interview with President Morales took place on August 10, after the day before the president canceled the previously agreed interview, prompting complaints from the journalist.

After hearing the protests made by the interviewer, Evo accused him of being an “imperialist agent” who “escaped from Cuba”, to which Cala responded that “only one escapes from a prison.”

When finally the interview took place, it showed tension, with and aggressive Morales and a patient but ironically Cala.

Source: CNN, Oppenheimer presents.
Text: eju.tv


I fully understand Ismael Cala. The egocentrism, stupidity and “natural” behavior of the coca leader can only provoke that!