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The Bolivian harsh reality… politically, economically… demagogically

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Deber:

The harsh reality

Humberto VacaflorIt is touching the effort made by the Minister of Finance to ensure that everything is going well and that the crisis of raw materials affects every country in the world except for Bolivia. President Evo Morales himself had to come forward and admit that it is time to tighten the belt, given that revenues are down, as you can see on all fronts.

The minister continues to claim that his great discovery, his feat was being put into action to domestic demand, which, according to his poor reading, has put the country away from all dangers. And when he is committed to that fantasy, President Morales comes and tells the truth: the crisis has come to us because revenues have declined dramatically. But the president makes a small slip that few have noticed. Evo Morales says he is not responsible if the prices have fallen. Please! His government has been ensuring that the rise was due to its own merits, prices rose because the ‘process of change’ is the best choice for Bolivia and the oppressed peoples of the world. Turns out the multinational and multilingual government can not prevent international prices fall, although it has said, at the time, that was the cause of it they had gone up. That was, admittedly, the biggest lie. Other small lies consisted, for example, the persistent government decision said that revenues from the Direct Tax on Hydrocarbons was the work of MAS, when we all know that that politicla party, of the current president, was the one that voted against the proposed law submitted by Hormando Vaca Díez, where that tax was included.

Now is the time of austerity. Perhaps the president must sell the plane Falcon which was bought from Manchester United in $38 million dollars, should stop the pharaonic palace in La Paz that he decided to build because the Palacio Quemado [burned Palace] could not keep his ego. And he may need to sell the media that was bought with such a hurry to try to change reality. Examples of Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador should be a lesson for the last of the leaders of the so-called “socialism of the XXI century ‘.