Tarija also wasted money under the MAS: Oliva claims that the MAS spent on snacks Bs39 MM

El Diario reports:

Government of Tarija:

Oliva claims that the MAS spent on snacks Bs39 MM

Adrian OlivaThe governor of Tarija, Adrian Oliva, reported that during the four years that The Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) managed the department of Tarija government and spent Bs39 million Bolivians in snacks, and other expenses which he described as “waste” were made.

“In has spent Bs39 million in snacks. Imagine, we could have built two buildings with the money that has been spent on refreshments,” said the Governor to Erbol.

He explained that during those years, the Government also spent Bs33 million in printing and photocopying services; Bs28 million in printing and printing equipment; Bs25 million in tickets and travel within the country; Bs47 million in per diem; Bs19 million in maintenance and repair of buildings; Bs36 million in food; Bs172 million in lubricants and fuel; Bs38 million in office supplies; Bs43 million in furniture for offices and Bs47 million in computer equipment.

Oliva lamented that despite the extraordinary income that the Department had at this time, “great works of impact” were not made.

He added that now, for the Government “the boom years, the era of plenty are gone”. He explained that budgeted income was set at Bs4,800 million budgeted for this year, but only Bs3,300 will be received.


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