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Bolivian Government Ends Talks with Opposition Group…?!

Be careful with what you read on the web, there are some sites, purchased to our expense and to favor the ruling government, such as the one below:

I include first my comment in that site, so that the world knows:

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Bolivian Government Ends Talks with Opposition Group

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.09.53 PMTalks began Sunday to resolve a number of disputes between the government and social organizations from the city of Potosi. Frustrated with the attitude of their negotiating partners, the Bolivian government ended talks Tuesday with the Potosi Civic Committee. Meanwhile, the head of the opposition-aligned organization insisted talks would continue.

Negotiations began Sunday, after violent clashes erupted July 22 between police and members of the committee, known by its acronym Comcipo. The committee’s supporters attacked the offices of the interior minister with sticks of dynamite in the Bolivian capital of La Paz, resulting in the arrests of 51 demonstrators and one person injured. In a good faith gesture the government released 47 of those detained.

“We will not participate in the meeting that was called wantonly by Comcipo as there is a limit to what the national authority is willing to do. We’re not here to play cat and mouse games, we are here to respond to the 26 proposals made by Comcipo in a serious and responsible way,” said Minister of the Presidency Juan Ramon Quintana in a press conference, flanked by other ministers.

Bolivian government minister Carlos Romero insisted, however, that the talks had merely concluded.

A number of working groups comprised of government ministers and Comcipo supporters held meetings over the past four days and successfully reached agreements on a number of items, however Comcipo leaders opted to leave the site where negotiations were taking place.

Romero called on Comcipo leaders to explain their “unjustified” absence and sign on to the agreements.

However, Jhonny Llally, a leader within Comcipo, told private media that he was under the impression the ministers had simply retired for the day and that negotiations would continue.

Quintana insisted that his government has negotiated in good faith, but is frustrated with the attitude taken by Comcipo leaders.

“As long as there is no single voice, a single authority to make decisions the government will not attend any dialogue,” said Quintana.

Promises made in 2010 were not met. That triggered the turmoil.

To begin with, Comcipo [civic committee] is not, repeat, not an opposition group, it is an umbrella organization that holds the most representative organizations in that department. It is the natural stakeholder organization to speak on behalf of Potosi!

Lets remember that the coca grower caudillo came to power by blockading and rioting the country for many years… governments on those days, never dared to treat the illegal coca grower unions like Potosi citizens were treated over the last weeks…

After ten years with unlimited power and total control over all democratic institutions, current populist government has managed to waste over $150 billion dollars in unfinished projects, boondoggles; and as result a booming corruption in the public sector, coped with flourishing narcotrafficking, topped with anarchy, increased lethal violence and lack of land titling rights… has crushed Bolivia.

None of my comments do appear or are at least mentioned in the original article… I just wonder why?