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Two laws are put forward for the agricultural sector

El Deber reports:

Two laws are put forward for the agricultural sector

Plural Economy Commission of Deputies improves two projects.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.05.37 AMAfter more than a month that the government would prioritize six draft land laws, at the Agricultural Summit committed in April, the Plural Economy Commission prepares the first two standards for submission to the plenary of the House of Representatives.

These are projects of agricultural health and food safety and Irrigation for the decade 2015-2025, which will be under consideration of the plenary next week.

“Next week enter the plenary. We have approved two bills,” said tersely the President of the Commission of Plural Economy, Henry Cabrera.

“We analyzed both standards and amendments that were made more on the form rather than on the substance. However, technicians from the ministries of Education, Health and Rural Development have been present, as well irrigation technicians. They are ready for their review at the plenary,” said congressman Grover Huanca, from the Committee on Agriculture and Livestock.

The bill 223/15 declared the period 2015-2025 the decade of irrigation ‘to one million hectares’ to promote agricultural production through investments.

The bill of agricultural health and food safety, establishes the regulatory framework in this area, contributing to food security with sovereignty / MAM