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Bolivia gov needs to prioritize and allocate realistic budget to HEALTH

Pagina Siete reports:

For the government to allocate 10% to health

Father Mateo managed 300,000 signatures of support

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 9.39.20 AMFather Mateo managed to collect about 300,000 signatures of support for the government to raise the health budget to 10%. This Monday, he will make a new march on plaza 24 de Septiembre in Santa Cruz.

“We are still gathering signatures on notarized books across the country. We have 325 books notarized in the 9 departments and already collected more than 300,000 signatures of support,” said Father Mateo.

The goal is to collect 500,000 signatures notarized and books will be sent to the Legislative Assembly” so they can serve to support the discussion and adoption of a budget of at least 10% for health.”

Luis Eduardo Parra, coordinator of the 10% campaign said: “Enough of that we have to beg and leave the country for surgery. For example, I had to leave Bolivia for a bone marrow transplant.”

The priest Mateo Bautista belongs to the Order of St. Camillus de Lellis for hospital and patient care. Born in Spain, living in Santa Cruz for 13 years and is chaplain at the Cancer Hospital.

“It is a matter of social justice,” said the priest, who has been organizing different demonstrations to demand 10% from the overall budget for health.

Minister Juan Ramon Quintana described the religious a “liar” and accused him of wanting to “cut” the budget which he said amounts to 11.5%.

The priest said that the percentage that the Government is currently investing in the health area is inadequate, so it does not matter how much it increases, it is important to rise.


Kudos to Father Mateo, for his relentless and blessed drive to force this government to set priorities straight!

Father Mateo was bad mouthed by that minister Quintana… in an attempt to cover the inefficiency of current populist, demagogue government. Fortunately, Bolivian society has endorsed and support Padre Mateo!

Bolivia needs to increase its health budget, it is a MUST! To understand even more, you can read this article, in Spanish, that has important information on the subject and over the general “performance” of the coca-grower ochlocracy.