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Monetary whim of the “armored” Bolivian finance minister…

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario:

Monetary whim

Humberto VacaflorConvinced that the “economic miracle” of Bolivia is based on the fixed exchange rate of the currency, the finance minister refuses to meet the request of entrepreneurs in the country who suffer the consequences of the devaluation of the currencies of neighboring countries.

The minister does not understand that the country is not an island and that at this time the monetary parity is a disservice. He has placed too many eggs in the balance of the pegged currency and now de does not know what to do.

It was the only factor that was in his hands, but he mishandled. Everything else came from abroad, landed. Now he is confused. Believes that if he gives in on the currency exchange, concedes everything.


By joining the Mercosur, this minister will prove himself how wrong he is! The question is however if he really cares or is he really competent?

In any case Bolivia has lost, under this ochlocratic government, over a decade and  has wasted $150 billion dollars!