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YPFB monitors affected area by the oil spill in Chapare

El Deber reports:

YPFB monitors affected area by the oil spill

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.02.24 AMSome 65 professionals are working in mitigation tasks. Daily, test the water and the land of Ivirgarzama.

The Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) contingency teams, are monitoring water at the Magariños river and land in Ivirgarzama (Cochabamba), where last Friday [08/07/2015] there was an oil spill, caused by the carelessness of a worker operating a backhoe.

Walter Sarmiento, manager of Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility of YPFB said on Friday that they perform monitoring and analysis of possible contaminants.

The Magariños river, according to Sarmiento, is more like a stream and goes through all Ivirgarzama, so they toured to verify how far the oil had reached. “We did simulations to see where to place containment booms and from there proceeded to recover the oil,” he said.

At the time the accident happened the river did not run fast and showed no damage to aquatic fauna. “It is not water for human consumption and people throw waste in the creek,” he said.

Since Friday, about 65 workers are recovering the contaminated material and techniques that use organic soil absorbent material that allows oxidize the hydrocarbon. Ivirgarzama recovered oil will be brought to the Carrasco plant, where special treatment will be done.


The safety, health and environmental standards of the hydrocarbon industry in Bolivia are going down… long gone are the days where the international standards were strictly enforced and monitored.

Had this spill occurred under the watch of a private foreign investor, the government and indigenous/community groups would have blown this out of proportion… looking for remediation, mitigation payments…

Since the company, YPFB, is state-owned and the region is a coca-grower strong hold… there is no environmental concern, issue?! There is not even a single NGO who would complain about this?

I remember when there were two barrels of oil that were damped during the construction of the pipeline to Cuiaba, near San Matias… the press, the NGOs, the communities and leaders of all sorts, were after GasOriente Boliviano… looking after money! Now, that this was an actual rupture of the pipeline, nothing happens??!!

Definitely, Bolivia has changed to the worst under current ruling ochlocracy!