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The world needs to urge president Morales to Keep his Word and Protect the National Parks of Bolivia

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Urge President Morales to Keep his Word and Protect the National Parks of Bolivia

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Bolivia has opened up its national parks to oil and gas companies, according to a report in The Guardian.

New laws permitting drilling in “protected areas” has sparked major concerns for both the people and the environment.

The Madidi National Park in north-west Bolivia is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet – the park hosts 11 per cent of the world’s bird species.

Bolivia’s government calls Madidi a “protected area”, but 75 per cent of its 1.8 million hectares – which includes both the park itself and a “Natural Area of Integrated Management” (NAIM) – are overlapped by oil and gas concessions.

Madidi is just one of 22 “protected areas” in Bolivia – all of which are threatened by the government policy of opening up huge new areas to oil and gas.

“Protected areas” were established to protect wildlife and rivers – President Morales has made many speeches about protecting the Earth and how we should start living in harmony with ‘her’.

The national parks of Bolivia need to be protected. Will you join me in urging the government of Bolivia to deny oil and gas permits in national parks and revoke existing permits?

Please sign and share the petition. [use the link below to sign, thank you!]


Lets be clear: he doesn’t own Bolivia, he is just a passing public servant!