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Another Bolivian gov’s screw-up: New Huanuni mining mill will not operate for lack of water

El Diario reports:

New Huanuni mining mill will not operate for lack of water

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.45.21 AMThe Lucianita mining mill recently opened, could enter into operation in 2017, due to lack of water required for its operation, in addition to requiring a tailings dam, said the manager of the Empresa Minera Huanuni (EMH), Samuel Orozco. [photos gathered from a quick search over the internet]

The mining mill that has a cost of $50.3 million dollars and three years of construction was inaugurated by President Evo Morales in February this year, with the specific objective of treating 3,000 tons of cargo per day.

On the other hand, Orozco deplored the “negligent” attitude of some leaders, so he warned that if the outlook in the international prices of minerals does not improve, you can even consider the closure of Empresa Minera Huanuni.

He also said that in Huanuni is intended to apply a new plan to overcome its current state, which is to increase production to reach the 930 FMT [Fine Metric Tons] per month, however the current situation of the company is not encouraging.


What you can read in between the lines is: government worries only to get the coca leader’s picture on inaugurations and cares less for actual production.

It also shows the only thing the masismo can do: cheap propaganda, misleading the voters country wide! This is also a form of corruption, and he intends to remain in power indefinitely!