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Bolivian Robot achieved third place in global competition

ANF reports in Pagina Siete:

Should seek visible and invisible land mines

National Robot achieved third place in global competition

The international humanitarian demining competition gathered 94 representatives of Egypt, Chile and Portugal, among other countries.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.09.27 AMThe Bolivian B0sweeper robot, created by students and engineers from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA), took third place in the International Competition for Humanitarian Demining Minesweepers 2015, which took place last week in Antofagasta, Chile.

The competition brought together multidisciplinary teams from different countries. In total there were 94 participants who competed in this event. Only five teams reached the final: the Bolivian, two Egyptians, one Chilean and one Portuguese. The Egyptians took first and second place.

The Bolivian team, led by engineer and mathematician Pablo Zamora, returned on Monday and presented the B0sweeper robot, a small four-wheeled vehicle with a frame where the sensor system is installed to search for mines. It is 20 centimeters high, 30 wide and 40 centimeters long.

“We have been given the team more fighter mention, because we proved our worth as engineers with the robot in competition. We were greatly appreciated in Chile, including engineers from Egypt and Portugal have recognized the value that we have as engineers,” said Zamora.

The Bolivian robot, which took an investment of approximately $320, had to compete against others, who had greater economic investment, had greater technological resources and support from their respective universities or governments.

The aim of the competition was to find, in a designated area, visible and invisible land mines. Each robot must have to find and warn of the presence of these explosives in a given time.

The Bolivian robot works with or without remote control. In competition, the difficulty of the terrain, it was decided to handle control. It is the command of a PlayStation students and engineers adapted for the use of B0sweeper.

Carlos Rodriguez, mechanical engineer, said that its value was the design. The wooden frame with shock absorbers on all four wheels allowed it to be adaptable to any terrain.