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Irresponsible government continues wasting our money, new loans will increase our national debt!

El Diario reports:

They exceed $1,000 million

Opposition warns of new debt

Jimena Costa“The pace of debt” that the country acquired during this year seriously endangers future generations, said congresswoman Jimena Costa; however, the ruling party believes that this warning does not matter, because the reserves held by the country show otherwise.

The lawmaker said that beyond questioning the use of economic resources of that debt, most of which are intended for road construction and other projects, it worries the debt assumed by the government of Morales.

She also said that the Lower House passed new debt contracts already exceed one billion dollars.


Over the last decade, current government under the coca grower leader has wasted over $150 billion dollars, now the prices of our natural resources’ exports have fallen and continue to do so…. what has this government done about it? NOTHING to prevent it, but to push infrastructure that serve only to secure his indefinite election and nothing sustainable, NOTHING!