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Under the coca grower leader, Bolivia endures lack of freedom of the press, Amalia Pando is the latest casualty!

El Diario reports:

Journalist’s resignation to save radio station

Amalia PandoThe journalist Amalia Pando announced her resignation from the leadership of a news program on Erbol, a Catholic radio in La Paz, which for a decade imprinted a questioning journalism style, analysis and reporting of abuse of power.

“Because I want to facilitate the possibility of Erbol not sinking financially. I feel we are with water by the neck and above. I want to lighten the load of this ship. I know the government has repeatedly asked for my head, and then hand it over. See if Erbol is saved, which I think is a vital communication tool in this period and in any other,” she said to the newspaper El Deber.

The station, like other media that defend editorial independence, is prevented from receiving government advertising, and journalist Pando realized that her resignation could help this media to recover income to avoid shutdown.

The National Press Association of Bolivia (ANP) repeatedly claimed about a tax encirclement and economic strangulation, that weaken the finances of independent media.tot

In 2015, a total of five media, including the La Palabra newspaper from Beni, were fined up to $10,000 for the dissemination of news related to electoral information, prior to the election of local and regional authorities.

Pando denounced in recent months, crimes of kidnapping, extortion and theft by prosecutors against humble people who attended the radio program of the journalist to reveal the abuses that so far were not prosecuted or punished.