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Bolivian Fiscal Pact finally attempts to move forward!

Marco Curi reports for El Dia:

Said Minister Siles

Fiscal Pact Agenda moves forward

Autonomy. Analyst suggests the debate after elections.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 10.11.18 AMThe Autonomy Minister Hugo Siles, said the agenda of the so-called National Autonomous Council consists of five points and that the date of commencement of discussions will be released shortly by President Evo Morales. He said that these points are:

  1. Preparatory stage: refers to receiving work schedules with the highest priority needs of the regions and social sectors.
  2. Planned investment of resources according to the 2025 agenda.
  3. Debate on better public expenditure management.
  4. Analysis of resource sources.
  5. Consolidation stage, autonomy, departments that have lag in the development of its statutes and adapting them to the State Constitution will have until that stage to catch up.

Suggests after the elections. The president of the Association of Political Scientists of Santa Cruz, Marcio Aranda, suggests that the discussion of the Fiscal Pact is made after the regional elections.

He said the intention is to avoid the politicization of the issue, as it could favor the opposition, “but the ruling party is trying to tie with autonomy, to force the readjustment of the Statute” he said.


I have to say I’m very skeptic with this gov’s fulfilling this SO much needed fiscal pact. There is no way for the Departments of Bolivia to plan their development.

There is urgent need to end with caudillo figures and prebendalism, it is time to move forward from the worst type of government… demagogue and ochlocracy are just ruining our lives!