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2015 rain will continue until March

ANF reports in El Dia:


SENAMHI’s forecast, rains will continue until March

The forecaster Jorge Mendez said this weekend, Saturday and Sunday [02/14/2015] in the east and west sectors of Bolivia, there will be sporadic rains like in recent days.

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The forecaster on duty, in the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (SENAMHI) Jorge Mendez, said it is likely that rainfall will continue until March.

“This period is characteristic by the rains, this still will be extended until March and carnival days still not likely to have rainfall both in the department of Oruro, Santa Cruz and generally discarded across the country will continue these conditions,” said Mendez to TV network, Red Uno.

He also said that this weekend, Saturday and Sunday in the east and west regions of Bolivia, the sporadic rains from recent days will continue.

When asked how will the weather for the next week will be, when the carnival is celebrated, the forecaster said there is a chance that the bad weather continues in the departments of Oruro, Santa Cruz and La Paz.