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Bolivian Electoral Tribunal continues to show subordination to MAS

Hoybolivia.com reports:

Klinsky: the Electoral Tribunal continues to show subordination to MAS

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.15.39 AMDemocratic Unit Senator (UD), Carlos Pablo Klinsky, today [02/06/2015] questioned the Supreme Electoral Tribunal for inaction against violations of campaign regulations by the government of Evo Morales, after official candidates participate in acts by the president in the delivery of works.

“The TSE continues to show subordination to MAS. Instead of assuming its status as the fourth state power, [now] is conducting like an appendage of the executive,” he said.

Klinsky noted that the ruling is the need to use the figure of Evo in the departmental and municipal campaign against “the weakness of MAS local candidates”.

“It’s a game that does not allow the emergence of local leaders themselves and therefore Evo is the only candidate” he said.

The Sen. added that despite the bias of the Electoral Body and the “traps of the ruling party” Santa Cruz has “a strong autonomist majority that will vote for governor Rubén, March 29”.