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Bolivia private sector without agreement on salary increase for 2015

La Prensa reports:



The Confederation of Private Employers of Bolivia (CEPB) noted that they don’t know about the wage increase proposal submitted by the industry and asks that the negotiations on this issue be tripartite.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 9.48.20 AMThe president of the organization that brings together the private sector, Daniel Sanchez, said the 2015 wage increase should be defined based on sectoral productivity to preserve jobs, “part of the job preservation, which is something that should be taken always in mind, and should lead us to analyze which sectors and regions have grown, helping us to have clearer where the figure has been increasing (salary) or where not to not jeopardize employment.”

He said he is unaware of the proposal presented by the National Chamber of Industries (CNI). [no wonder the ruling party does whatever they want with our economy, with our lives!]


In the meantime, and until the private sector reaches consensus, the workers are aiming at an unrealistic request of 15%, under the patronage of the government’s demagogue! To read about this, in Spanish, please use the following link: