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Bolivian government incapable to provide protection: encroachment continues!

Christian Moya reports for El Dia:

Owners seek evictions

There are still 62 properties in Santa Cruz subjugated

Lands. Illegal take overs are affecting 42 urban and 20 rural land properties in the Santa Cruz department.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 8.39.00 AMIn Santa Cruz, 62 properties in both urban and rural areas remain subjugated. The owners claim promptly to the police department, to comply with the more than twenty eviction orders or immediate evacuation that the prosecution delivered last year.

Endangered Properties. Alberto Gomez, president of the Association of the Overwhelmed Urban Premises (APUA), said there are 42 urban properties overwhelmed by some people who once were linked to the network grabbers Mario Horacio Gil, who is currently detained at the department jail of Palmasola.

“70% of the areas comprising the city of Santa Cruz, presents problems of complete subjugation of lots or developments,” Gomez said when expressing their discomfort because there are 20 eviction orders of urban property that to date have not been met and the land is still held by the encroachers.

Meanwhile, Walter Ruiz, president of the Association of the Overwhelmed Agricultural Productive Premises (ASPPA), the producer explained that exist within the agricultural sector still 20 properties that are taken by the encroachers and still the eviction instructed last year, has not happened in four farms.

“There are still 12 and eight agricultural livestock farms with conflict of subjugation. These productive properties are located in areas of Andrés Ibáñez, Guarayos, Yapacani and Montero, among other places,” Ruiz continued explaining that in this sector evictions progressed well, since during the years of 2013 and 2014, there were 172 farms taken by irregular groups, but despite this aim, they want a more rapid progress in the evictions.

They will be at the summit. Ruiz also announced that as producers will be represented during the “Sowing Bolivia” Summit, where they will ask the Government to strengthen legal security in the country.


I pretty much like and endorse last paragraph above. It is time that this ochlocracy that has taken power for almost a decade, decide to implement laws and protect the legal owners of a house or land. The anarchy  needs to stop!