Sugar cane producers need $60 million dollars

Christian Moya reports for El Dia:

Crop renovation

Sugar cane producers need $60 million dollars

Shortcoming. During this campaign, producers did not restore 30,000 hectares.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.01.57 AMCane growers requested the Government a line of credit for $60 million dollars for the renovation of 20% of the cultivated surface of this product, since they face liquidity problem and may not acquire seed. Also, this situation has not allowed the expansion of the agricultural frontier in the sector, because it is expected that the average yield will also be low during the 2015 harvest.

Cañeros need credit. Óscar López, president of the Union of Sugarcane UNAGRO emphasized that this sector needs at least $60 million dollars for the renovation of the reeds, as they asked Asocaña to put this issue on the table at the “Sowing Bolivia” Summit and have no regret that the next 2016 production campaign will fall further.

They did not renew 30,000 hectares. Piedades Roca, president of the Association of Sugarcane (Asocaña) reported that about 30,000 hectares were not renewed this year because the producers of sugarcane department faced liquidity issues due to delayed and poor performance achieved last year.

“This year, worryingly, we have not renewed 20% of the cultivated area, because we do not have funds to buy seed,” said Roca.$us-60-millones&cat=1&pla=3&id_articulo=164455

On top of the above problem, all the agroindustry now faces an even more frightening scenario, the relentless and inadequate capacity of current government to fight poverty and boost production.

At the time of the sworn in of the illegitimate presidential term, current VP said that Bolivia should turn to “communitarism”… which in his delusional words mean a step further from socialism/communism?! … that is the commune will be the final owner, of everything…

Having studied environmental economics at Harvard, one of the things I learned is that there is more damage to the environment and more chances of failure when there are no clear rules of the game, when there are no responsible parties.

In this sense, the community will own everything and no one will be direct responsible for being competitive, for degrading our natural resources, to push them to extinction and no mitigating measures could be forced into those guilty parties…

In sum: a flagrant flaw in the minds of current political party in power!

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