Coca-grower president knows how to harm our nation!

The ochlocracy who had been illegitimately re-re-elected knows perfectly when to do harm. In this case, tourism in the town of Rurrenabaque, Erbol reports in El Deber:

A hotel and two restaurants closed in Rurre

They note that since the visa is requested to Israeli citizens, tourist flow has decreased in that region.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.08.35 AMThe representative of the Chamber of Hotels Rurrenabaque, Oscar Ponce told Erbol the flow of tourism, especially from Israel, has declined in 2014 and resulted in the closure of centers. The local authority said the decline was felt strongest since the government put more conditions for the entry of Israeli citizens in retaliation for attacks on Palestinian forces. [the latter Bolivian governmental wrongdoing just portrays the lack of political/economical wisdom. Bolivia has NO relevant relationship with Palestine, on the other hand there are stronger relations, economical and social with Israeli citizens. the cheap demagogue of the so-called populist-lefttist-marxist regime has done it again! poor, wrong public policy that affects directly our tourism industry. The blow is felt more in a small town like Rurrenabaque, Beni.]

“The fact that there were three major restaurants, the Narguila, Oscar and Giuliano. We have two restaurants and a hotel with air conditioning that went bankrupt. We have been forced to close them because tourism represented 50% of revenue,” he said.

Ponce said that annually received 10,000 tourists. About 4,000 tourists visited the spa twice a year. “I’ve lost about Bs1 million annually [Bolivianos, Bs is the currency]. Now I do not earn anything. I have to sell my stuff to pay the bank and get me another activity until this resume,” he said.

Ponce said that since two months ago Israeli subjects no longer enter the capital of the Ballivian province in Beni department, and that brings harm to tourism.

There was one Israeli citizen who came to this region and got lost in the wild… he wrote “Lost in the Tuichi” and as he came right after his military service, hundreds of Israelis like him, came every year, after their duty, and visited the region. With the absurd request for visa, Bolivia has lost.

Bolivian tourism comes mainly from reflows from people who visit Peru, mostly backpackers. I acknowledge that we are no match for Mexican/Egyptian tourism industries, however we were starting and certainly having a captive market of Israeli citizens was great to strengthen our incipient tourism industry…

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