Bolivia “Terrorism 101”: Can dead people testify…?!

Manfredo Kempff writes in El Diario:

The dead testifies

Manfredo KempffThere is no way to be lost. The corpses who remained 15 hours lying on the Hotel Las Americas in Santa Cruz, are accusing. There are the incontrovertible evidence to deny the alleged cruceño terrorism, which has led to an interminable judicial harassment filled with shady deals, abuse and cheating. It is the time, finally, as in many other circumstances, who puts things in place. What is known is that there was state terrorism.

The Government continues to assert, through its highest authorities, that there was a secessionist attempt in Santa Cruz, issue, which, as we have explained ad nauseum, is totally false. The intent was obvious at the time: accuse the cruceño people of trying to dismember Bolivia, which means an act of treason. To a charge of this nature the leadership of Santa Cruz was confused, filled with uncertainty, can not believe the infused but was suspicious that the charge could have some truth. Such was the skill with which the MAS government played their parts. Such was the care with which the conspiracy that was intended to disarm all civic-political resistance, that was mounted in the department.

Had already executed a criminal act in Porvenir, Beni, from the Government when armed mobs with sticks, machetes and rifles launched toward Cobija, with the aim of deposing the governor Leopoldo Fernández, a man who was feared that with his presence in Pando, all official effort to break the so-called “half-moon” would have been vain. Other professional maneuvering was made to sink Leopoldo Fernández and the dead did not matter. They did [get Leopoldo out of office and in prison].

That’s right, by other means, in other words, with a much more harmful intent [a plot] was assembled in Santa Cruz. Also not cared about the dead, no interest in the forms, had to smear the Santa Cruz society with the old story of separatism and the plan would go into a success. In Pando, the MAS did it. In Beni could not at the courage of men like Ernesto Suarez. In Santa Cruz failed but not before causing great fears, but despite its failure, the Government, through its prosecutors, has not wavered in its desire to, at least, leave the secessionist stigma exposed to all compatriots.

The morning of April 16, 2009, a special Police task force, stealthily entered the Hotel Las Americas in Santa Cruz, and, according to plan, the gunmen broke into groups to go to the rooms that had been appointed to them, where Eduardo Rózsa slept, Árpad Magyarosi and Michael Dwyler, veterans in the Balkans. Entered their bedroom and were shot dead in their beds, no questions asked. None of the victims had opportunity to defend themselves.

Before the assault of the state security agencies, they had paralyzed the circuit surveillance cameras to leave no evidence of anything, and also had recordings on the computer system and records were removed from the hotel were deleted. There was no presence of the prosecutor and were only staying in strategically near-by rooms, one or more officers of the Ministry of Government intelligence. Flagrant nocturnal action.

The next day, past fifteen hours, inexplicably with the bodies still in the scene, the premises of COTAS in EXPOCRUZ were raided and old war weapons were seized, which were “planted” previously, and began the worst hunt over cruceños citizens accused of terrorism and separatism that memory recalls. Meanwhile, in Caracas, at that time, H.E. [His Excellency] informed Chavez and Raul Castro, at the Summit of ALBA, which had thwarted an attempted coup separatist to dye in Santa Cruz and that he had given the order, before his trip, to act.

After the murders at the hotel, installed a ruthless trial, with persecutions and exiles everywhere. Cruceños were accused of having mounted a terrorist plan that would lead to the dismemberment of Bolivia. So far we know, there were three deaths in this alleged secessionist attempt. The three men were shot by undercover elite police. The defendants who are imprisoned for almost five years ago, did not fire a shot or killed anyone. However, there are those who are accused of terrorism.

If only the dead were members of the Government, not the accused terrorists today. Can not be terrorists who did not pull the trigger. Neither those who either dropped the bomb where Cardinal Julio Terrazas lives. Only the former prosecutor Soza could hold both lies, slander so until, rich but overwhelmed, surrendered and fled. He was already subject to be disposable by the high government leadership. Now, with the dead in the Hotel Las Americas as witnesses, and we must unmask and prosecute the fibbing instigators.

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