evo to face lawsuit for biocide and ethnocide!

El Diario reports: Concerns of representatives MAS extractivist policy threatens indigenous people and ecosystems Indigenous people raise responsibility lawsuits against Evo Morales and his collaborators for biocide and ethnocide, they do not rule out going to international instances to denounce those abuses The extension of the agricultural frontier, the exploration of hydrocarbons and minerals in…

Bolivia “Terrorism 101”: Can dead people testify…?!

Manfredo Kempff writes in El Diario: The dead testifies There is no way to be lost. The corpses who remained 15 hours lying on the Hotel Las Americas in Santa Cruz, are accusing. There are the incontrovertible evidence to deny the alleged cruceño terrorism, which has led to an interminable judicial harassment filled with shady…

Bolivian deforestation 101

FAN is one of the most credible environmental institutions in South America. El Diario publishes a saddening and cruel reality: FAN-Bolivia reveals that loss of 1,820,000 hectares of forest, affects production, health and biological diversity in the country Research puts Santa Cruz as the Department most affected, 76% having been deforested at the national level….

Bolivian weather: This week will be hot and rainy

El Deber reports about Bolivian weather for this week. Below I include the link for the original weather page that you can save, to access directly in the future: The Senamhi predicts heat and rain for this week The national service of meteorology and hydrology (Senamhi) predicts a slight drop in temperatures from tomorrow [10/10/12]….