From now on, it will be safer to take a taxi in Bolivia!

Marcelo Campos reports for El Dia:

It will serve for Android and Iphone

Application is launched to identify taxi companies

Its creator has invested $15,000 in this tool, “Made in Bolivia”. It will operate in four cities of the country.

2013-10-16 09.47.28 amAfter having suffered the theft of their belongings in a car from a taxicab company, 22 year-old Roberto Brito Gonzales decided to use his knowledge in computer science to create “Taxi Seguro Bolivia”, an application (APPS) for smartphone that identifies the vehicle just by entering the plate number.

Bolivian tool. This new tool “Made in Bolivia” is ready to be downloaded free of charge from next week for smartphone with Android through the Play Store system for iPhone from the App Store and soon for Windows Phone. To date the company has registered 5,000 vehicles of 35 taxi companies at the national level, of which two thousand cars of 13 companies are in Santa Cruz.

“It’s a family business, we have invested around $15 thousand dollars, since we use a hosting of Miami – United States to ensure the speed of the service. “The user only has to download the application on his phone, enter, and place the plate number of the vehicle that will use, if it is registered will appear a photograph, model, company to which belongs and other features of the cab, giving the customer the confidence that will be transported in a safe vehicle”, said Gonzales, also added that in the event of loss of any personal items inside the vehicle, it can be easily identified.

The service will be available for the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Sucre.

In this first stage the company Taxi Seguro Bolivia has not planned to get economic revenues for downloads, since it is in a process of promotion of the service. But when you reach a certain number of registered vehicles and downloads, there are plans to generate revenue through advertising.

“I am very optimistic in this project that I have as a goal achieve 100,000 downloads by the end of the year, since it is a solution according to our generation to have security when we are transported”, said the young entrepreneur.

To succeed in this new application, the company has planned to future expand to other cities such as Oruro and Potosí, in addition to providing the same service but to telephones that are not smartphone, through SMS.–&cat=1&pla=3&id_articulo=129699

Some years back, when I was in Bogota, it seemed odd to me, to get a password at the time of requesting for a taxi and a counter password. I’d give mine and the driver would say his, if they coincided, I’d jump into the cab. With this Bolivian application, made in Bolivia, it will be safer to ride in our beautiful cities!

Kudos to Roberto Brito Gonzales and welcome to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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