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Bolivian certified forests decreased by 50%!!!

2013-10-04 11.16.37 am is the league for the defense of the environment, the best NGOs around Bolivia and I had the privilege of have worked/interacted with them back in the 90s. Today, I want to highlight a very serious issue raised by LIDEMA for our environment:

Bolivian certified forests decreased by 50%

2013-10-04 11.28.49 amBolivia left the leadership in the certification of natural tropical forests because it decreased by 50% the amount of hectares (ha) certified, due to social conflicts and occupations, immigration and mechanized, agriculture as well as replacement livestock, said the director of the Center for research and management of renewable natural resources (CIMAR), Lincoln Quevedo.

Certified products of forestry origin (wood, furniture, fruits, etc.) guarantees the consumer that their purchase comes from sustainably managed forests and, thus, help to combat illegal logging and promote the main functions of forest resources, such as the contribution to the maintenance of many ecosystems and biological diversity; as well as the economic livelihood of many rural and indigenous populations, among others.

“Bolivia was a world leader in forest certification when we had more than two million hectares of tropical forests certified under the system of the FSC. Unfortunately, it was decreasing and we now have around 1 million hectares, i.e. 50% is lost”, said the Executive Director of CIMAR, a member of the League of Defense of the Environment (Lidema).

The causes

2013-10-04 11.29.24 amSome of the causes for the decrease of certified forests were the demotivation by territorial invasions by peasants, settlers, and pirates; they made unsustainable long-term forest management, Quevedo said.

For the Director of CIMAR, the decrease of forest certification is worrying for that reason poses to work to promote again the certification and forest management.

Forest management also faces several negative factors, as immigration and mechanized agriculture and livestock causing the felling of forests for further expansion. It is estimated that 300,000 hectares a year in Bolivia are deforested by these two causes.

Also the habilitation for new plantings and the burning of grasslands are among the responsible ones for the loss of forest, due to expansion and lack of control of forest fires. This happens, said Quevedo, because fires have been applied without measures to control it, it has ravaged thousands of hectares of forests and may cause a deterioration of the forest which hinders the ability to regenerate properly.

The National Arbor Day is celebrated in Bolivia on October 1st, as an initiative to raise the responsibility of conserving this invaluable natural resource. Bolivia has nearly 50% of its surface covered by forests, mostly with tropical characteristics.


I fully endorse the above assessment and criticize harshly the current ochlocracy in government. Anarchy and narcotrafficking are killing our wildlife!