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Bolivian manufactured exports fall and gold rebounds

ANF reports in El Deber:

Manufactured exports fall and gold rebounds

2013-10-07 11.23.55 amIndustrial exports between January to August 2013 fell – 7.5% compared to similar period of 2012, according to INE, since as of August this year, industrial exports came to $1,859 million, when in August 2012 were in $2,009 million.

According to data of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the value for industrial exports of the manufacturing industry, as of August 2012, reached $2,009 million; but, in contrast, as of August 2013 that amount dropped to $1,859 million dollars.

The top ten export industrial products are soybeans, waste and amalgams of precious metal; metallic pewter, metallic gold, metallic silver; food products, sunflower and its derivatives, jewelry of gold, leather and wood.

Gold keeps rising

Despite these results, in the case of manufacturing without considering metal products, jewelry and petroleum derivatives experienced a rise in $902 million in 2012, to $924 million in 2013.

The greatest positive variation in export of manufactured goods is given in the metallic gold and jewelry with 259.66%. Since in the case of gold exports rose $58,41 million, between January and August of 2012 in the same period in the present year reached $210.08 million.

In addition, in the case of gold jewelry exports amount went from $15.61 to $56.04 million, with a positive impact of 259%.

Official data confirm that the three products that registered higher growth in exports are metallic gold with 259.66%, jewelry of gold with 259% and 60.09% for beverages.

So three products which recorded lower growth in exports are also wastes and amalgams of precious metals – 61%, textile products – 45% and metallic antimony oxides of antimony – 20%.

Industrial exports without considering metal products, jewelry and petroleum products reached August 2013 to $924 million, greater than the $902 million registered August 2012.

Source: ANF