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The caprices of the Bolivian natural gas…

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Deber:

Vagaries of the gas

Humberto VacaflorTo take 10 years for the tribute to heroes is a lot. A chronicle of it can be called: “you change lives!” or “we, from then, are no longer the same”, as a poet said. Who offers the tribute as it is not the same. Now he wears shirts with very cute embroidery that he did not know back then. His character has also changed, a lot. It is superb and is believed essential, and is natural gas which is playing him a very practical joke.

Now they are buyers who have attitudes of rejection and this time yes, by an alien decision, the gas can be only ‘for Bolivians’. Argentina reported that it will start to dispense with Bolivian gas from 2015 and Brazil says after 2019 will pay much less. What to do? A Government that won the jackpot, in the gas Lottery without buying a ticket (did not support the IDH law), he does not know what to do without the money from the sale of the gas.

Fate has made Evo in the paradoxical and uncomfortable position to travel to Argentina to beg to remain with gas purchases, on the anniversary of the ‘gas war’. That Mrs. Fernández has not received, for obvious reasons, increased the drama to that action. Our character had to pay tribute to the ruling Argentinian ruler, stepping in the struggle with the media in her country.

“They must be decolonized”, he recommended, thinking that those media could be bought by a friend of the President using money of unknown origin. His prescription is not applicable in that country. The media are to win the battle to the ruling. He returned defeated and had to pay tribute to the heroes of El Alto. He could have removed heart of and say: ‘Now, I assure you, there will gas be for Bolivians’ (because there is no one who wants to buy it). The market, the increased supply of gas, is creating different conditions. The gas can serve the development of Bolivia: steelmaking, cement industry. Capitalism is doing what the original revolutionaries could not.